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Earn more money grooming fewer dogs on your schedule.

Here's what groomers have to say

What it’s like grooming on Rover

What a typical day looks like

“I have more flexibility than working in a salon. It’s my own little business and I’m getting the support I need.”

“Rover always makes the time for any questions or concerns we have. Communication is so important and Rover does not disappoint. They are just great! I really enjoy grooming dogs through Rover!”

“I love grooming with Rover because it’s flexible and I make my own hours. I can be independent and have lots of room for my personal creativity.”

- Rochelle

- Kayla

- Kisiah

Frequently asked questions

How much experience do I need as a professional dog groomer?

Past professional experience as a pet groomer is required to offer services through Rover. All groomers go through our approval process to ensure their past experience and skillset meets our high quality and safety bars.

How do payments work on the Rover platform?

As a groomer with Rover, you receive 80% commission and 100% of your tips. Within 48 hours of completing a service on Rover, you will receive the funds to your Rover account, and you may withdraw those immediately through PayPal. All transactions occur on our secured platform. 

Is this opportunity for independent contractors or employees?

This is an opportunity for independent contractors looking to build an independent grooming business with support from Rover. You’re in control of your hours, your grooming style, and the types of dogs you groom. No more shifts and no more volume quotas—you’re your own boss!

Do I need different equipment for traveling grooming?

The specific equipment needed to provide house-call grooming includes: portable grooming table, dog-specific hand dryer, portable vacuum cleaner, nail trimmers, clippers, and shears, as well as shampoo. We also recommend that all groomers carry a first aid kit. Rover offers programs to offset the cost of your materials to help get you started. 

Where do groomers come from?

Groomers on Rover come from a variety of backgrounds. If you have professional pet grooming experience, we’d love to hear from you to see if you may be a good fit. 

Where do my owners and dog clients come from?

Owners and dog clients are members of Rover, an online community and app where pet parents can connect with trusted local pet sitters and dog walkers. Rover handles the marketing for you, so you can focus on what you love most: grooming pets to help them look and feel their best. 

How much availability do I need to have?

That’s totally up to you! As an independent contractor, you’re in charge of your schedule. We have successful grooming partners who do this as their full-time gig as well as folks who just groom a few pets a month in their spare time.

What kind of support does Rover provide?

Rover offers 24/7 support, a platform to manage your bookings, access to educational materials, and an entire team dedicated to helping you build your grooming business.

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